​“When it comes to putting powerful people on the hot seat, there’s no one tougher and more tenacious than veteran California Congressman Henry Waxman.” – Time Magazine, The Scariest Guy in Washington, 11/27/2006

As a champion for improving quality health care, protecting our environment and reducing government waste, fraud and abuse, Henry Waxman’s work has touched the lives of millions in Southern California and nationally. He’s taken on some of the nation’s most powerful special interests, including tobacco companies, corporate polluters and pharmaceutical companies, earning the title, “America’s Watchdog.”  As the Los Angeles Time writes, “Tens of millions of Americans are healthier, breathe cleaner air, and live safer lives because of his legislative efforts.”

Waxman took on the tobacco industry to crack down on their marketing to minors. He forced executives of the seven major tobacco companies to testify, and for the first time, exposed their deceptive efforts to sell cigarettes to kids. He then led the successful fight for tougher warning labels and limits on cigarette advertising. Twenty years later, the number of smokers in the United States has plummeted – especially among high school seniors. Learn more about Henry Waxman’s work to keep cigarettes away from kids.

Waxman was among the leaders who passed and strengthened the Clean Air Act, reducing cancer-causing emissions and helping more than 20,000 Americans avoid premature deaths each year. He also helped pass the Safe Drinking Water Act, which has afforded the United States one of the cleanest water supplies in the world. Learn more about Henry Waxman’s work on the environment.

Waxman knows that sometimes you need to work across party lines to get things done. He worked with Republican Senator Orrin Hatch to pass legislation that has lowered the cost of prescription drugs, saving patients billions of dollars and improving access to vital pharmaceutical drugs. Learn more about Congressman Waxman’s work to lower prescription drug costs.

Waxman worked with Republican lawmakers to require food products to be labeled with simple nutritional and safety information, so consumers have honest and accurate information about what they eat. Learn more about Henry Waxman’s consumer protection achievements.

Waxman knows that fighting for what’s right requires persistence. He was the first national leader to investigate the health risks of HIV. Despite setbacks and fierce opposition, he was able to craft and pass the Ryan White CARE Act, which provides treatment and services to more than half a million low-income, uninsured and underinsured individuals who suffer from AIDS, as well as their families. Learn more about Henry Waxman’s work on health care.

Henry Waxman has been an effective fighter for taxpayers – working to uncover waste, fraud and abuse.

He exposed corruption and billions in waste in Iraq defense contracts, and required more disclosure by private contractors to help reduce overcharging in the future. Waxman also stopped more than three billion dollars from being wasted in the federal crop insurance program.